The First Performance Commemorating the 385th Anniversary of the Youkiza

The name of succession performance of Magosaburo Yuki XIII,
renamed from Kazuma Yuki

“Eleventh Night, or On a Starry Night”

Adapted and directed by Wui-Sin Chong

Based on “Twelfth Night, or What You Will” by W. Shakespeare

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Finally, the time has come for my eldest son to succeed as Magosaburo Yuki XIII. He still has much to do both as a man and as a puppeteer, but I believe that there is still room for growth if he’s willing to make the effort.

Well, it’s no big deal because even I used to call myself Magosaburo. From now on, I would appreciate your guidance and encouragement in raising the 13th generation.

Magosaburo Yuki XII

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Message from Wui-Sin Chong, Adaptor and Director

Shakespeare’s greatest comedy is in the Fukushima dialect!

Fukushima is a place that was severely damaged by the earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011.

A single puppeteer controls the twin siblings. Until now, the twin siblings, Viola and Sebastian, have always been played by two different people (a woman and a man). I don’t know if I can call them twins if they don’t look at all alike, but with Marionettes, they look exactly alike. The fact that there is only one puppeteer increases the accuracy of the twins.

It is a well-known fact that there were no actresses in the Elizabethan theater era, and that men played the female roles. “Twelfth Night” is a story about a woman pretending to be a man, but the woman is played by a man. In other words, there are two or three layers of fictional devices in this story. If a male puppeteer controls a female Marionette and a female puppeteer controls a male Marionette, there would be another layer of fiction.

It may be a little too complicated, but whatever the case, it is a festival play. Truth and fiction, the living and the dead, the sacred and the secular, everything is chaos, and because it is in chaos, it is a festival play. What kind of festival play will it be? ……I invite you to take part..

Performance Schedule

June 2 (Wed.) – June 6 (Sun.), 2021

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Twins, Viola and Sebastian, are separated by a storm during a boat trip.

Believing that her brother is still alive, Viola decides to stay behind in Illyria and search for him. Even though she decides to stay in Illyria and search for her brother, she feels that it is too dangerous to live alone as a woman, so she decides to dress up as a man. …… She takes the name Sicario and begins to serve the lord of Illyria, Orsino. He is crazy about Olivia, the daughter of a nobleman. However, no matter how many times he asks Olivia to marry him, she always refuses on the pretext that she is in mourning for her dead brother. No matter how many times he is rejected, the flame of love in Orsino’s heart never goes out.

On the other hand, Viola, who serves for Orsino, has come to love her master. However, Viola is now a man, and she spends her days in agony, having to hide her love for him.

One day, Orsino sends Viola on an errand to Olivia, and as she is entrusted with Olivia’s feelings, Viola has no choice but to go and see Olivia. When Olivia catches sight of Viola, she falls in love with her all over again.

Thus, a troublesome love triangle is formed. ……

Kazuma Yuki manipulating a lion that brings good luck and fortune
Kazuma Yuki manipulating a lion that brings good luck and fortune

Magosaburo Yuki the XIII, renamed from Kazuma Yuki

Born as the eldest son of Magosaburo Yuki XII, he made his stage debut in 1985 at the age of six as Ishidomaru in “Yume Doji Yume Zoshi” written and directed by Yoshiyuki Fukuda under the tutelage of Sennojo Shigeyama. Later, in 2005, he appeared in the original production of Edo Yarn Marionette “Yume no Ukihashi – Dream Floating Bridge with Dolls” by Shizuoka Granship, and in 2008 in “Heisei Nozoki Karakuri – Broken Umbrella Choan” as Michinosuke Fujikake. Around this time, he began training in kabuki dialogue under Sawamura Tojuro II.

He also strives to master the Edo period magic lantern, another traditional art form transmitted by the Youkiza, and appeared as a magic lantern performer (“Utsushieshi”) in the magic lantern “Banshu Sarayashiki,” which was performed on a boat for the first time in 150 years in 2017.

In February 2020, he played the major role of Yajirobei in “Tokaido Chu Hizakurige: From Akasaka Namiki to Rantoba” at the “Magosaburo’s First Classical Small Theater”, which was received a favorable reputation.

Senyu Ryokawa III

Senyu Ryokawa III (Magosaburo Yuki XII)

He was born the second son of Magosaburo Yuki, the tenth generation of the Youkiza marionette troupe, and started traditional Japanese dance at the age of three at the Nishikawa School. He started acting when he was four and at the age of eleven, he began to study at the Takechi Kabuki School, which was organized by Tetsuji Takechi.

He received training as a puppeteer under Hideo Kanze in Noh and Sennojo Shigeyama in Kyogen, and in 1972 he assumed the name of Senyu Ryokawa III, a “Utsushieshi” – magic lantern performer. In 1993, he assumed the name Magosaburo Yuki XII and became a puppeteer under two different names. In addition to traditional puppet theater, he has been actively involved in creating plays with theater people from Japan and abroad, and has participated in many overseas theater festivals such as the Avignon Theater Festival and the Sibiu International Theater Festival. He has also devoted himself to the training of successors, and in 2013 he opened the Edo Yarn Marionette Introduction School to promote and enlighten the art.

In 2021, he received the 42nd Matsuo Performing Arts Award Special Prize.

Yume Doji Yume Zoshi
From Kazuma Yuki’s first stage performance, “Yume Doji Yume Zoshi” in 1985
Left: Magosaburo Yuki XII / Right: Kazuma Yuki


  • Magosaburo Yuki the XIII, renamed from Kazuma Yuki
  • Ikuko Yuki
  • Aki Yumoto
  • Yasuaki Onuki
  • Emi Oura
  • Tsugumi Nakamura
  • Senyu Ryokawa III(Magosaburo Yuki XII)
  • Guest appearance Junmai Uemoto


  • Marionette designer (head)
    Jiro Iha
  • Costume (marionette, human)
    Masatomo Ohta
  • Music
    Daisaku Kume
  • Stage Design
    Michiko Inada
  • Lighting Plan
    Takayoshi Masuda
  • Sound Plan
    Akame Fujita
  • Stage Manager
    Hitoshi Yoshiki, Takuomi Kishikawa
  • Assistant Director
    Jiro Shibata
  • Pseudo-fighting
    Naoki Kurihara
  • Dialect coach
    Yoko Nakayama
  • Advertising Art
    Yoshihisa Oda
  • Publicity photo
    Toshiharu Ishibashi

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